Raiola: ‘Pogba doesn’t want to l用手机就可以赚钱的项目eave’

“Balotelli? I’m an optimistic person, I strongly believe in the player, this season wasn’t positive but I think Mario can show his value.

“Milan? They’re an important team who are in Zlatan’s heart, so there was the possibility of a return. The relationship has always been excellent, which is why there was a chance to come back.”

The midfielder has been heavily linked with Manchester United and Real Madrid, but the Bianconeri have been consistent i网络外围投注n saying that they won’t let him leave unless he asks to go.

“I'm not ruling out a sale or a renewal. Between Raiola and every club in the world there’s an open channel, not just Manchester United.”

Mino Raiola admits Paul Pogba “doesn’t feel that he want六合投注网站s to leave Juventus” but “don’t rule anything out”.

“As for Donnarumma, there’s every reason for him to renew with Milan.”

“Juve don’t want to lose Pogba, they want him to stay for a long time and we've discussed a renewal,” Raiola, Pogba's agent, explained to Sky.

“Liverpool wanted him to come back to work with Klopp, so we’ll see how he finds him.

“And he doesn’t feel that he wants to leave Juventus. We're calm.

Finally, there was an update on Mario Balotelli and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Another of Raiola’s famous clients, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has already moved to Old Trafford, but the agent insists he didn’t snub Milan.

"He was followed by a lot of clubs, but he showed a desire to go to Manchester United.<21点官网/p>

“Will he stay then? We don’t rule anything out, not even a transfer to another club, because the transfer window is long, it closes in September.