Atletico looms f巢湖 什么项目赚钱or Icardi

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Atletico Madrid is becoming a realistic destination for Mauro Icardi, as Inter attempt to mend broken relationships.

Icardi and sporting director Piero Ausilio are believed to have met yesterday evening in an effort to reconciliate their positions.

In the meantime, however, La Gazzetta dello Sport point to Atletico Madrid as the club that is most likely to pick up the 23-year-old.

Furth澳门外围投注ermore, Wanda Mara is known to be personally acquainted with Diego Simeone线上足球投注, and is believed to be using her solid personal relationship with the Coach to favour a move.

Very much of this is speculative, and everything may change if heavyweights like Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea decide to make a move, but Icardi's situation at the present moment remains highly unstable.

The Argentine's wife and agent Wanda Icardi  of offering a salary that was not commensurate to the player's value, kicking off what could become a diplomatic war between the club and the player.

According to some rumours, Ausilio and his Colchoneros counterpart Andrea Berta had a meeting last Friday, although b网上21点oth parties deny that it ever took place.